Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes The Blogs Write You (With All Due Respect To Guy Clark)

In my Facebook posts, I like to occasionally point out the differences between us liberal Democrats and those guys. Last night, in Tampa, those guys flew off the rails, spewing some of the stupidest, most idiotic, wrong-headed comments that make this blog entry incredibly easy to write, that delineates the differences between us and them. THEY practically wrote it for me.
Exhibit A: Wackjob Congressman father of wackjob Senator Ron Paul showed us his true colors in an exchange with Wolf Blitzer addressing "socialized" medicine. When given the hypothetical case of a 30-year-old hard-working American who had chosen not to purchase health insurance who then becomes deathly ill, has his own self to blame and shouldn't expect the government to save him. The crowd yelled he should be allowed to die.
Exhibit B: Michele Bachmann, wife of a "therapist" who believes you can "pray away the gay," and accepts Medicaid while decrying the social safety net, told a lie about a fake conversation. She said a woman in Tampa told her that her daughter "developed mental retardation" after getting the HPV. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there has never been such a case.

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