Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes The Blogs Write You (With All Due Respect To Guy Clark)

In my Facebook posts, I like to occasionally point out the differences between us liberal Democrats and those guys. Last night, in Tampa, those guys flew off the rails, spewing some of the stupidest, most idiotic, wrong-headed comments that make this blog entry incredibly easy to write, that delineates the differences between us and them. THEY practically wrote it for me.
Exhibit A: Wackjob Congressman father of wackjob Senator Ron Paul showed us his true colors in an exchange with Wolf Blitzer addressing "socialized" medicine. When given the hypothetical case of a 30-year-old hard-working American who had chosen not to purchase health insurance who then becomes deathly ill, has his own self to blame and shouldn't expect the government to save him. The crowd yelled he should be allowed to die.
Exhibit B: Michele Bachmann, wife of a "therapist" who believes you can "pray away the gay," and accepts Medicaid while decrying the social safety net, told a lie about a fake conversation. She said a woman in Tampa told her that her daughter "developed mental retardation" after getting the HPV. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there has never been such a case.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's the frequency, Sarah?

I don't know about you, but I've had it with Sarah Palin. As soon as she said "lipstick" at the Republican convention in 2008, that is. But, for some reason that I just cannot fathom, this idiot draws crowds. I know, so do house fires, car wrecks and HP stopping production of their tablet. But, the Palin "mystique" evades me.
But I think I may have figured it out. You know those Galton's whistles, the ones that only dogs can hear because they send out a signal at between 23-54 kHz? I just watched Shecky on the news. As her voice got higher and higher, her words got dumber and dumber and her Tea Party listeners got excited and more excited. Eureka! That has to be it. If you want to appeal to these rabid, antigovernment, antitaxes rich old white guys and their nontrophy wives, you have to aim high ... vocally.
Let's face it. Mitt Romney looks too much like he just walked off a 1960s rerun of "Bewitched." Rev. Gov. Rick "I do believe in gun control. Use both hands." Perry has a track record of questionable political acts dating back to the Reagan Administration. Newt Gingrich, the Godfather pizza guy, the other Mormon and the other crazy Republican from Texas are all men.
You see where I'm heading with this, right? Michele Bachmann, defender of the flag, hater of the unions, wife of the "pray away the gay guy," and Palin are the only ones capable of hitting the high notes. The half-term governor and the "I'm in charge of the Tea Party. Called it!" are just plain stupid. I mean, even a dog can see how stupid they are, right? Why do they have any traction? There must be something they're putting out that people are responding to, although practically everything they say is pointed out the next day by folks on the left and the right as pure drivel. Pheremones, maybe? Or is it the "Ann Coulter Affect," where men carry around the Crypt Keeper's book to make themselves look ... fill in the blank.
Or could it be something darker? Could there actually be enough voters in this country that believe men and women should be held to different standards? That doesn't appear to be the case. I mean, Rick Perry refused to stay the execution of a man who was quite possibly both innocent and mentally ill, brags about producing 40 percent of the jobs developed in the country over the past 2 years, despite them being mainly either government or minimum-wage jobs and today he said said he believes in gun control, "use both hands," and gets chuckles.

Mitt Romney is running from his government-mandated health care as Massachusetts governor by saying he's opposed now and is still being investigated for "saving" the Utah Olympics. The Tea Party wants nothing to do with either one.
Sarah Palin lied in her acceptance speech at the 2008 convention when she recalled saying "'thanks but no thanks' on that bridge to nowhere," but in actuality Alaska never returned the money received to build it. (For that matter, she lied to Katie Couric about having read all those magazines and newspapers). I'm still working on parsing her "corporate crony capitalism" phrase. It's much like most of her sentences, just throwing some words together. It's like Rudy Giuliani, in the immortal words of now-Vice President Joe Biden, using "a noun, a verb and 9/11" in every sentence. Despite his culpability for the horrible idea of locating the command center for such a disaster in the very building which posed the most likely target, and in fact had been bombed once before. Palin loves to drop "socialism" in there every chance she gets but no one ever is allowed to ask her a question about anything she says or ... well, anything at all. Gotta watch out for those gotcha questions don't you know. I would bet all my worldly possessions that she doesn't possess in that moronic little brain of hers a working definition of "socialism."
Congresswoman Bachmann's sins are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too extensive to list here. But, the Tea Party loves her. In fact, the Tea Party loves them both. I don't know why. If the Tea Party actually cared as much about their country as they pretend to, they would run screaming from these dingbats, push for the end to both wars, more stimulus spending (to stimulate the economy) and the trying of Shrub and Dick "Dick" Cheney (two long "e's") as war criminals. But instead, it's "oh, look, listen to the pretty girl."