Friday, August 26, 2011

Shit My Senator Says

Here in Oklahoma, we have the dubious distinction of being represented by the absolute worst pair of U.
S. Senators, the dishonorable Dr. Tom Coburn and the clueless Jim Inhofe. On Tuesday, Sen. Inhofe attempted to rewrite recent American history before a no-doubt rapt Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce.

Here's the "highlights" as reported in the Tulsa World:
  1. “We now have a president, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, who is destroying these very institutions that made America great."
  2. Obama engineered the House Republicans’ ban on earmarks in order to give himself more control of the budget.“When they came along with this moratorium, you have to let the president run everything. They conceded that authority to the president of the United States, so that’s why the president was behind the whole earmark thing."
  3. Military spending, as a share of gross domestic product, has declined during the Obama administration. He also criticized critics of Gitmo: “You know the biggest problem for prisoners when they get to Gitmo? Obesity." The idea that prisoners have been tortured there was invented by Obama and others “to make you think something bad is happening in America — the same thing he does and others do when they go around talking about how bad America is."
  4. The deficit is Obama’s fault because “it’s the president’s budget. Period. That’s the end of it." The debt-limit agreement does little or nothing to reduce overall spending. One solution: repeal the health-care reform law, which he said is an example of “social engineering” designed to make Americans more dependent on the federal government and end extended unemployment benefits, saying he saw no reason for them in Oklahoma because the state has “virtually full employment."
  5. Inhofe thinks that we could be "total independent from the Middle East in a matter of weeks, not years,” if the administration allowed unfettered oil and gas development on public lands.
Where to begin. But, at least he said, “Don’t misunderstand, (nothing) I’m saying now is for political purposes." If it sounds like bullshit, smells like bullshit and comes out of Inhofe's mouth, it's bullshit.

  1. President Obama has been blocked at every turn by a totally anti-Obama GOP Congress. "Not to be disrespectful" is code for "I mean to be disrespectful to this black usurper."
  2. Funny. His colleague Dr. Tom is credited in some circles for leading the crusade against earmarks. If Inhofe and Coburn disagree about ANYTHING, it must be President Obama's fault.
  3. The Bush military budget for 2005 was 4.06% of  GDP. In 2010's budget: 4.7%. The 2009 U.S. military budget accounted for nearly 40% of global arms spending and was six times larger than China's. The U.S. and her allies account for anywhere from 2/3-3/4 of the total world military budgets. And Gitmo: His comments were too fucking stupid to acknowledge. And, oh, yeah, the black man doesn't love America.
  4. Once again, and I'll type this slowly for idiots like Inhofe: President Clinton ran budget surpluses, turned the keys over to Bush and the great budget director Mitch Daniels and watched the debt explode - even while using supplemental budget requests to fund a) a war that should have been a Seal Team Six op in 2001 and b) a war to avenge a hit put out on his father. Saddam Hussein was never a threat to America. And, social engineering? The American government is tasked with protecting the general welfare of the people. That morally should include accessible, affordable health care and assistance to people who for any of a million reasons can't find a job instantly.
  5. The real reason we are in the mess we're in is because of horrible circumstances such as having Jim "I never melted no icebergs" Inhofe as the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. Doing the work he's paid to do by the oil industry, Koch Brothers, et al, he's going to insist on drilling for oil anywhere and everywhere, onshore, offshore. "Polar bears and penguins be damned, I've got to drive!"
In Indiana, we have a name for people like Inhofe: Morons. Oh, it's the same in Oklahoma.

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