Friday, July 15, 2011

Good News: Emmy nomination. Bad News: Cancellation.

I know that I haven't fit in the coveted 18-49 age bracket for awhile now. But, I still watch television and buy the products advertised. So what's the big deal about 18-49 year-olds?
This is bugging me today because one day after Andre Braugher earned his second consecutive Emmy nomination for best supporting actor in a drama series, that said series, recipient of the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award has been canceled by TNT.
"Men Of A Certain Age" didn't feature amateur singers ripe for poking fun at, wasn't flashy, didn't involve cops or doctors or crime labs and had three male leads, of a certain age. My God, now I see it. It was doomed. What were they thinking?
For Braugher, this is a cruel irony. He established himself as an actor of great emotional depth on the great, lamented, underrated Barry Levinson creation, "Homicide: Life On The Street." Based on David Simon's inside look at the Balto murder police "Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets," the TV adaptation won the Peabody Award 3 times. So, is he a good luck charm or star-crossed? Screwed is more like it.
The programming on TNT is getting pretty confusing. Last year, it canceled "Saving Grace," which yielded star Holly Hunter two Emmy and one Golden Globe nomination. But, TNT pulled the plug because of weak foreign and DVD sales. Then, it revived the derivative cop drama "Southland" after NBC canceled it. I say it should go the other way. Let's have "Men Of A Certain Age" revived by a major network. The language would have to be cleaned up a little, but there has to continue to be a place in the "vast wasteland" for "Men Of A Certain Age" for viewers ... of a certain age.

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