Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Apologies: Andrew, Meet Saddam. Saddam, Meet Andrew

9 hours later I'm still extremely pissed off about something that happened AT LUNCH today. I told a friend that Andrew Breitbart had died. She said "He probably choked on his words." Someone else IN THE ROOM, NOT A PART OF THE CONVERSATION, had her little conservative Republican feelings hurt ... even though she had no idea who he was. I mentioned the 1st three disgusting deeds Breitbart had "accomplished" and she felt it was important for her to stand up STILL DURING LUNCH, WHICH IS MY FREAKIN' TIME, and complain about people in the government that are out to destroy this country, or some stupid shit like that, then had to leave the room crying. Then only because she's management, I apologized for hurting her feelings. I should say I lied and apologized.
Andrew Breitbart departed this world earlier today. Breitbart was a provocateur, to put it nicely. He was a bad man, to put it honestly. To the memory of Molly Ivins, patron saint of this blog, please forgive me for apologizing.
Breitbart is best known for three things: the faux ACORN sting, outing Anthony Weiner's wiener and editing a speech from a Department of Agriculture worker to transform a story about overcoming prejudice to a story supporting it. And so much more.
After Sen. Edward M. Kennedy died in 2009, Breitbart took to Twitter to call Kennedy a "villain" and a "duplicitous bastard." After Breitbart died in 2012, I took to the blogosphere to express how glad I am that the public discourse just got a bit more serious.

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